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Italian Cheese

All prices are 'per 100g' unless 'each' is stated. Please choose a weight from the drop down menu and choose the number of pieces of cheese of that weight you require.

Allergen Information. All cheeses on this site contain MILK

Please Choose First Class or courier for delivery at checkout.

We pack perishables with cold blocks that last 2-3 days.

If you choose 2nd class post and there is a delay or no-one is home for the delivery then we are not responsible for any spoilage.

It is at your risk if you choose 2nd class.


A milder version of Gorgonzola, commercially made. Bronze medal winner at 2002 World Cheese Awards.Silver at the World Cheese Awards 2005. Made with pasteurised cows milk and suitable for Vegetarians.


Not as pungent as legend makes out. A very good creamy, mature blue that will compliment any cheese board. One of our best sellers. Made with pasteurised cows milk.


A soft, white, fresh, cream cheese from the Lombardy region of southern Italy. In fact, it is not cheese at all, but rather the result of a culture being added to the cream skimmed off the milk, used in the production of Parmesan.This whitish to straw-yellow, creamy, mild fresh cheese is compact, but supple and spreadable and it is added to famous Italian desserts such as Tiramisu, sometimes accompanied by cognac.75% Fat.. Made with pasteurised cows milk and suitable for Vegetarians. Sold in tubs of 250g. Price is per tub. Please enter the quantity required.



Parmigiano-Reggiano is a "grana", a hard, grainy cheese, cooked but not pressed, named after the producing areas of Parma and Reggio Emilia. It is matured for 2 years or more. Very strong and slightly sweet flavour. Ideal for grating over pasta. DOP. Made with unpasteurised cows milk.



Pecorino Sardo is a traditional cylindrical, semi-cooked hard cheese. It takes eight to 12 months to mature, during which time it develops its characteristic flavour - salty, with a fruity tang that becomes steadily more robust. Pecorino cheeses can be a good substitute to Parmesan, although sharper in flavour. Made with pasteurised ewes milk.



This cheese isripened for 5-8 months before being slowly infused with black truffles (3%). This follows the veins and slowly spreads throughout the cheese to give a rich delicate flavour. Made with pasteurised ewes milk.


Traditional, creamery, whey cheese which is white and wet but not sticky.Ricotta should be firm, not solid and consist of a mass of fine, moist, delicate grains, neither salted nor ripened. It is white, creamy and mild. Made with pasteurised cows milk. Sold in 250g tubs. Price is per tub. Please enter the quantity required.


From Alpine Lombardy and named after a small town near Bergamo. This cheese is uncooked and unpressed in the Stracchino style.Soft and creamy. Mild flavour that strengthens a little with age. Made with unpasteurised cows milk.

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