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Central and South American Coffees

Our Coffees

Our Coffees

All the coffees in this section are hand roasted in small batches in one of our two coffee roasters. The roaster in the shop window was purchased secondhand in 1936 and is still in use today. We also have a larger roaster in our warehouse behind the Crouch St shop. We roast 14 different types of coffe bean which we sell 100% pure or in 3 House Blends. Costa Rica is by far the most popular coffee in the range and is the 'House' Coffee in our first floor Morning Coffee Rooms. Open daily 9:30 to 12:30. It is also used for our popular 99p Take-Away coffees.

Bulk Coffee
We can 'contract' roast to your specifications any quantity of coffee from 10Kg. You can specify the coffee type and darkness of roast, or you can specify a blend roasted to your taste. Please phone or email for more details and bulk pricing. Trade enquiries welcome.

The picture depicts our warehouse roaster ejecting beans to a storage container.

All prices are per 100g.
Please choose a weight from the drop down menu and then choose the quantity of packs required.
All coffees are graded 1-5 with 5 being the strongest.

Prices quoted are per 100g. Please choose the quantity of coffee and the type of grind required.


Brazil produces 2-3 times as much coffee as its nearest competitor, Colombia. This includes all types and grades of coffee. We have chosen this Santos as a good example of a soft and mild, low acidity arabica coffee which we feel compliments the other coffees in our range. The coffee itself is named after the port through which it is exported.
STRENGTH GUIDE 2 ; Mild to medium.

Per 100g



Colombian coffee beans decaffeinated.
This process removes 95-100 % of the caffeine from the bean.
We then roast the beans dark to give a full bodied, strong cup of coffee.
STRENGTH GUIDE 4 ; Medium to strong.

Per 100g


This high grade Arabica coffee from the World's 2nd largest producer is grown in what is regarded by many as the best coffee growing region of Colombia, namely Medellin. The coffee produced has a rich, nutty taste and is a good all round cup of coffee. Good for all day drinking.
STRENGTH GUIDE 3 ; Medium strength.

Per 100g


This Arabica coffee is grown at 1500+m which is acknowledged to produce higher acidity in the beans and hence improves the flavour, but because the nights at this altitude are so cold the plants develop slowly and produce a fuller flavour than those at lower levels. These factors combine to give an aromatic, full bodied and smooth cup of coffee. Our most popular coffee!
STRENGTH GUIDE 3. Medium strength

Per 100g



This coffee is grown in the Escambray region south of Santa Clara. It is dark roasted with a smooth rich, full bodied taste and a hint of spice, chocolate and smoke.

Great for Espresso or the first cup of the day.


Per 100g

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