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Japanese Teas

Our Teas

We have sold loose tea for over 70 years. First selling and wrapping the tea on the counter and now, due to high demand, packing the tea in advance but still from the same suppliers.
All our tea is still hand packed in brown kraft bags.

All prices quoted are for a 125g bag except where specified. Please choose a quantity and add to cart.


Cherry flavored Japanese green tea (Bancha with twigs). An exotic evening tea and a refreshing change from traditional flavored teas. Mild cherry flavour. Brew for 2-2.5 minutes.


Sencha literally means roasted tea. An old name pertaining to the main processing stage once dominant in the making of this most popular of all green teas. In the modern sencha-making process, the leaf is initially steam treated to a precursor tea called ara-cha, before further processing by hot-air drying, rolling and finally light roasting. The leaf of the best sencha has a high degree of size uniformity and possesses an aromatic & polished emerald colour. Never drunk with milk. Brew for 1-2 minutes.

Please note our Sencha is actually CHINESE. It is only listed on this page as this is where most people look for it.

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