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English Cheese A-C

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All prices are 'per 100g' unless 'each' is stated. Please choose a weight from the drop down menu and choose the number of pieces of cheese of that weight you require.

Allergen Information. All cheeses on this site contain MILK



The oldest English cheese.Believed to have been eaten before the Roman occupation.Crumbly texture, with a mild, salty flavour. Winner of the Gold Award at The 2002 World Cheese Awards. Made with unpasteurised cows milk and is suitable for Vegetarians.



Smoked flavour cheddar.The colouring on the outside is paprika. Good flavour and very popular. Made with pasteurised milk and suitable for Vegetarians.


A mature blue cheese made with pasteurised Guernsey and Jersey milk. Suitable for Vetarians. Barkham Blue has a very distinctive appearance. Made in a 1kg ammonite shaped round, it is covered in an attractive natural mould ripened rustic rind. The deep yellow moist interior is spread with dark blue – green veins. It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour, without the harshness associated with some blue cheese.
Great Taste Gold 2012. World Cheese Awards Super Gold 2013.


East Anglian Made : Suffolk
Made in Bungay, Sufolk. A new English Farmhouse Brie similar in flavour to the French Brie de Meaux. Warm earth , mushroom and farmyard flavours. Long lasting on the palate. Made with unpasteurised milk


East Anglian Made : Norfolk
Made in Wighton, Norfolk. A tangy blue similar to a milder stilton. Good flavour and very popular. Made with pasteurised milk and suitable for Vegetarians.

Please call on 01206 572200 if you require a whole cheese as these vary in size.



Semi-hard blue with a sharp, strong flavour.Orange (coloured with annatto) paste with blue veining. Sweetens and softens with age. Made with pasteurised cows milk and suitable for Vegetarians.


An old style 'crusty Stilton'. Stronger and more metallic flavour compared to the Long Clawson. It was the last Stilton to be made with unpasteurised milk. PDO. Made with pasteurised cows milk and is suitable for Vegetarians.


Stocked in two sizes. The large size for cutting all year around and 2.5kg 'babies' sold either whole or halves at Christmas. This Stilton is creamy and full flavoured. PDO. Silver at The World Cheese Awards 2005. Made with pasteurised cows milk and is suitable for Vegetarians.



Rings cut from a large Stilton are cold smoked and this produces a tangy and smokey taste combination that is well worth a try. Made with pasteurised cows milk.



This is a traditional blue cheese made in Dorset, from pasteurised, skimmed cows' milk. It is a hard, crumbly cheese with even blue veining. Good full blue flavour. Suitable for Vegetarians.



Made in Newquay. Mild and creamy. Soil Association certified. Bronze at The World Cheese Awrads 2005. Made with pasteurised cow's milk,suitable for Vegetarians.


Made in Somerset. Full flavoured with exceptional depth. In our opinion the best block cheddar out there. Made with pasteurised cow's milk and suitable for Vegetarians.

Page:  1  2   >   >>   View All (16)

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