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81-83 Crouch Street Colchester Essex CO3 3EZ
01206 572200   
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Monday - Friday 9-2:30pm Saturday 9-4pm

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A Pictoral Tour around our shop

We stock a very wide range of products from around the World.

Here's a few pictures of our store.


Our range of sweet biscuits are sourced from many suppliers and countries.
We stock products from Walkers Shortbread, Border Biscuits, Farmhouse Biscuits, Lazzaroni, Bahlsen (mainly Christmas ranges) and Lambertz as well as many others and our own cookies and shortbread are always popular.

Our savoury biscuits come from Carrs, Fudges, Walkers Oatcakes, Patterson's, Fotts and Peter's Yard amongst others.

We also have savoury snacks such as cheese straws and cheese nibbles from companies such as Roka, Epicure, Buitemans, Cheddar Gorge and others.

There is also have a large range of Gluten and Sugar Free Biscuits.


We have chocolates from Lindt, Bendicks, Duc d'O, Beech's, Sultans Anton Berg, Booja Booja and many others.

We also stock mints, fudges, toffees, jars of boiled sweets, Turkish delight, crystallised ginger and seasonally, glace fruit and marron glace

We also stock a range of sugar free chocolates and boiled sweets.

At Easter we have a small range of sugar free, dairy free or gluten free eggs and chocolate bunnies.


As well as our extensive range of hand packed loose leaf teas and teabags, we have a large range of Twinings black and herbal teas in teabags

Along with this range we have Fine English Tea Co,Teapigs, Yorkshire Teas and 11 O'Clock.

We also have various other hot drinks such as hot chocolate, cocoa and herbal instant drinks.

And for those with a sweet tooth we have an extensive sugar range.
Savoury Foods

Savoury Foods

We stock Indian products from Pataks, Badu's Spice Mixes and Madhuban Restaurant Style Sauces..
We also have Sounas naan bread, parathas and other breads. Along with fresh onion bhajis and vegetable, lamb or chicken samosas.

Chinese sauces from Blue Dragon, Lee Kum Kee and others. We also sell Oriental sauces in large 750ml sizes, dry noodles and meal kits.

We have Thai, Jamaican, Moroccan, Southern American and Italian ranges.
Chutneys and Pickles & Sauces

Chutneys and Pickles & Sauces

Along with our own range of chutneys and pickles we stock Tracklements, Krakus, Wilkins of Tiptree, Epicure and Cypressa brands.

We have our own range of mustards but also have Taylors, Colmans, Tracklements, Pommery and others.

Condiments and sauces include horseradish, apple, mint, Cumberland, red currant, cranberry, dill, mustard, Wilkins table sauces, Watkins table sauces, Tobasco, Lea and Perrins, Linghams and many others.

Want some chillies? We have red, green or mixed chillies, piri piri, banana peppers, jalapeno and a large range of dried chillies. Along with our own and Tracklements chill jams.

Our range of mayonnaise includes, Simply Delicious and Hellmans.

We have vinegars including red & white wine, sherry, cider, balsamic ( various grades ), tarragon,herbes de Provence, raspberry, malt and distilled malt.

Our oil range consists of Olive oils from France, Greece, Italy and Spain, rapeseed from Essex, sunflower and walnut along with goose fat from France.
Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices

We have a range of over 70 different herbs and spices available in packs as shown in the picture.

We also have grinders with various spice and herb fillings along with Maldon Seasalt.

In our Indian range we have ready mixed spices from Badu, Green Cuisine and more.

At Christmas we also sell mulling spices and hot toddy mixes.
Dried Fruit and Nuts

Dried Fruit and Nuts

We have dried fruit and nuts from all over the World.

Apricots, apple rings, banana chips, bluberries, cranberries,currants, dates, figs, goji berries, raisins, peel caps at Christmas, pineapple rings, prunes, sultanas and vine fruit mixes for home baking.

Almonds ( whole, flaked and ground ), Brazils, cashews, coconut ( thread, dessicated, flaked ), hazels, macadamia, peanuts, pecans, pinenuts, pistachios, walnuts and mixed nuts.

Along with these we have our own mincemeat and Wilkins of Tiptree mincemeat and both white and golden marzipan.

There is also a good selection of ginger in various forms, in syrup, crystallised, naked and chocolate covered.
Jam, marmalade and honey

Jam, marmalade and honey

Along with our range of marmalades, jams honeys and curds we hold Wilkins Preserves and marmalades, including Organic products and low sugar fruit spreads.

We have Bonne Mamam French conserves and marmalades, Thursday Cottage Low Sugar Preserves and Marmalades and St Dalfour low sugar spreads

Our range of honey covers most areas of the World but we specialise in honeys from the local area.

There is also a range of nut butters including peanut, almond and cashew.

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