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Herbs and Spices


The leaves of a South African bush that smell like curry powder. Used in Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine primarily. Pack weight 5g


Chilli based spice paste used in Moroccan cuisine. Pack weight 100g


The dried leaves of the Kaffir tree, indigenous to South East Asia. Used in Thai and Indonesian cuisine for its lime flavour. Usually removed from recipe before serving Pack weight 2g


A mix of black, white, pink and green peppercorns. Pack weight 40g


Also known as Rose Baie. Not actually related to the black peppercorn but from a tree indiginous to the Indian Ocean. Similar in flavour to green peppercorns. Pack weight 12g


Preserved Lemons used in Moroccan cuisine. Pack weight 140g


A spice mix used in Morroccan cuisine. Pack weight 42g


Sumac has a tart flavor that is very nice sprinkled on fish or chicken. Try substituting in any dish on which you might squeeze fresh lemon juice. Pack weight 38g

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