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French Cheese A-M

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Soft, supple, slightly chalky texture.Moderately strong and sharp flavour.Factory produced.Great for grilling and salads. Made with pasteurised goats milk.



'Comte AOP Fort St Antoine Symphonie'

Also known as Gruyere de Comte, this cheese is one of the most popular in France. It has a melt in the mouth texture and a strong, nutty flavour with a subtle, sweet aftertaste. It is a good all round cheese. Great in a sandwich, on a cracker or as a cooking ingredient. AOC. 16-20 month matured.
Made with unpasteurised cows milk.


Temporarily unavailable.
A soft creamy bloomy rind cheese. Similar to a Vignotte but softer and creamier. Made with the addition of double cream during the making process. Translates as Delight of the Cheesemaker.
One of our most popular cheeses.
Made with pasteurised cows milk. Suitable for Vegetarians.



A favourite of Napoleon, this washed rind cheese has a strong aroma and a soft white paste that melts in the mouth with a milky,salty and metallic twang to the flavour.The rind is washed with water and marc over four weeks with the amount of marc gradually being increased. Made with unpasteurised cows milk.


A very popular French Blue, not dissimilar to a milder Stilton. Semi-Soft and creamy.Only sold in rings. For information ; a 1cm ring is approx 150g. Made with pasteurised cows milk.


A soft creamy washed rind cheese.Surrounded by a white penicillium candidum rind, the central pate is a bit soft and crumbly, and appears creamy in colour. It is milder than Epoisses, but slightly salty with strong smell. The firm pate melts in the mouth, leaving a complex taste. Made with pasteurised cows milk.

Sold as individual cheeses.

We try to hold these in stock but if we do not have stock for your order they are delivered each Wednesday/Thursday and we will despatch your order once they are available.



This cheese was originally for personal consumption by the cheesemakers. The rind is natural and is rubbed. The layer of soot was originally used to keep flies away from the curd as it rested overnight awaiting the next milking.Usually matured for 2 months. mild cheese that strenghens rapidly with maturity. Made with unpasteurised cows milk.


This pungent cheese is produced in the Alsace region. The paste has the texture of melting chocolate and is golden with a rich milky flavour.AOC Made with unpasteurised cows milk.

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