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French Cheese N-Z

All prices are 'per 100g' unless 'each' is stated. Please choose a weight from the drop down menu and choose the number of pieces of cheese of that weight you require.

Allergen Information. All cheeses on this site contain MILK


SPECIAL PRICE £2.20 per 100g WAS £2.95

This cheese can only be made with the milk of the Manech nasier sheep.It is a strong and nutty cheese which is firm in texture. Our cheese is four months aged. Multi award winning cheese. Made with unpasteurised ewes milk.


Special Price Normal retail price £2.80.

A very popular cheese made from the second, far richer, milking of the two types of local cow. A thin orange rind surrounds the soft creamy pate which has a distinct flavour and a nutty aftertaste. AOC. Made with unpasteurised cows milk.


This Roquefort has a distinct and tangy flavour. It is less salty than many Roqueforts and is slightly creamier. It has a firm but open texture. Well worth a taste. Made with unpasteurised ewes milk.


Our highest fat content cheese at 72%. But why worry when it tastes this good. Mild and lactic flavour and soft and creamy. Very popular. Made with pasteurised cows milk.

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