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Cheese Wedding Cakes

Why Cheese?

Why Cheese?

Generally more reasonably priced than a traditional cake.

Many people simply prefer to have a savoury end to their meal.

Why not have something memorable, visually impressive, special and different to remember your day by?

We can supply themed cakes such as locally produced, cheeses from a specific county, region or country, traditional cheeses, by milk type or all soft/hard.

Design Options

We can theoretically build a cheese cake 20 tiers high but generally most cakes are 4-6 tiers.

Our cakes are designed using farmhouse and artisan cheeses made the UK and Europe, selected by us for taste and quality.

We have 80 years of experience helping people to cater and choose cheeses for various parties and functions. We can guide you to select cheeses that will work both as an sunning centre piece for your wedding table and together on taste.

Everyone will, not only, remember your special day for the usual reasons but will remember your party from your cheese cake . A great talking point

We can supply any of the cheeses which can be purchased on the site for use in a cake as well as any we stock in our shop.
It is best due to the nature and importance of the purchase to call our cheese department on 01206 572200 and discuss your requirements.
Please give plenty of notice to avoid disappointment.



We only supply the cheese for your cake.

Most previous clients have asked their florist to decorate the cake as they would a traditional one.

We can supply pictures of cakes to give you inspiration if required.

or a search of google images using `cheese wedding cakes` brings up hundreds of examples.

Cheese Sizes

Cheese Sizes

Approximate sizes of various cheeses for guidance. Sizes are diameters.
Not all necessarily available to order on this site. Some only available in store or by pre-order.

Top Tiers

Somerset Camembert 7.5cm
Langres 7.5cm
Muskateer 7cms (section from log)
Binham Blue 13cm
Reblochon 15cm
Pont Leveque 9.5cm (square)
Cashel Blue 14cm
Waterloo 15cm

Middle Tiers

Manchego 17.5cm
Munster 17.5cm
Wissington 20cm
Vignotte 19cm
Harledh/ YFenni/ Tintern 19cm
Irish Porter Cheese 19.5cm
Wensleydale with fruit 20cm
Shropshire Blue/ Stilton 20cm
Black Bomber 21.5cm
Port Salut 20cm

Lower Tiers

Applewood Smoked 22.5cm
Caerphilly 25cm
Cornish Yarg 25cm
Cheddar 32.5cm (usually rings approx 5-10cm thick are used)
Wyvern Nettle and Onion 23cm
Scrumpy Sussex 25cm
Suffolk Gold 24cm

Cake Ideas

Cake Ideas

Some cheese combinations and theme ideas that make good Wedding Cakes.

All are listed bottom to top. All prices are approximate as cheese weights vary but should be within 10%. Prices are correct as of 1/1/2016.

Cake 1
3 Tier

Suffolk Gold
Cashel Blue

Approx Price £135

Cake 2

4 Tier

Suffolk Blue
Neufchatel (Heart shaped Brie Type Cheese)

Approx Price £107

Cake 3

5 Tier

Cheddar Ring 5Kg
Cornish Yarg
Stilton Ring 2Kg
Delice de Cremier
Somerset Camembert

Approx Price £200-225 (depending on depth of rings)

Cake 4

Local Goat 3 Tier

Wyvern Nettle and Onion
Oak Smokey
Muskateer (soft cheese section from roll)

Approx Price £160

Cake 5


Applewood Smoked
Wissington (sheep)
Binham Blue
Langers (soft)

Approx price £175

Cake 6

3 Tier

Cornish Yarg
Y Fenni
Suffolk Blue

Approx Price £100


Irish Cheese 3 Tier

Cahill Irish Porter
Cashel Blue
St Killian (soft camembert type)

Approx Price £95

Cake 8

Welsh Cheeses 3 Tier

Harlech/Y Fenni/ Tintern (any one of these)
Bouncing Berry (cheddar and cranberry)

Approx Price £95

Cake 9

3 Tier

Scottish Cheeses 3 Tier

Isle of Mull Cheddar Ring
Strathdon Blue

Approx Price £140

Cake 10

Tipplers Cake 3 Tier

Scrumpy Sussex
Cahill Irish Porter Cheese
Little Wallop (washed rind cheese)

Approx Price £160



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